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For Brazilian artist Marina Lisita, it began with two people in her life that challenged her to continue painting her great works of art. One of these inspirational individuals was the renown Jesco Von Putkamer a world known Anthropologist and photographer that recognized her unique art talent. She was commissioned by him to paint rare plants for him in the Amazon jungle for medical scientific studies. Adrian Cowell another world known figure, London film maker and movie director commissioned her to paint the natural habitate of the lush forest of the Brazilian Indian Natives showing and expressing their way of life for the world to see and enjoy on canvas. With her detail eye she was able to capture the essence of the Native Brazilian Indian people for the world to see and hopefully to get the world to help these people who are kind hearted and loving from not going into extinction with their way of life. She witnessed and saw the deforestation taking place and villagers being moved away from the only way of life that they knew that pre-dates uncountable thousand of years of culture and tradition. These great master pieces of art can be seen at art galleries and museums abroad. Too mention a few locations. Boston City Hall, United States. Museum of Anthropology. Goias, Brazil. She expressed vividly, that life is the greatest gift of all. To live it and experience it and she did just that with her paint brushes by painting numerous amount of collectable art works for the world to see beauty from the hands of the beholder; God the true artist of all and beyond are universe as we know it. With dazzling array of spectacular colors, she is truly a gift from the Almighty too mankind with her paint- ings. She stated with such passion about her works of art, that painting nature’s beauty on canvas allowed her to find such richness in the land and of its people with a stroke of her paint brushes.

From the time I was very young I loved Art.  John Adrian Cowell a London movie director and Gesco Von Puttkamer Photographer were the  two people that Inspired me  most, to express myself through my artistic abilities. Although I can see Beauty in all forms of ART, my favorite of all is painting Indians (Brazilian Native). I found them excellent ART subjects, because of their strong Tribal Values and Traditions. The way they take care of each other and Live Harmony in the Village. Even though they have suffered greatly, they are proud. I think to paint Indian, is to “Paint History”.


Rogerio Martins is dedicated to furniture conservation and restoration for more than 25 years . Mr Martins began to work in his hometown , Sao Paulo , Brazil. He is stablished in New York City for over 5 years continuing his work. He offer complete restoration services . Master ,expert in the carpentry and refinishing skills necessary to repair and restore fine antiques as well as modern and contemporary furnishings .

Sandra C. Simões

She is Brazilian, born in Goiás and has resided in Massachusetts since 1999. She is married to José S. Simões de Lima and mother of their three children. She started to paint in 2004, inspired by and focusing on the religious arts, having the painting of Jesus, ’’Divine Mercy ” in eight countries. Currently the artist has been working at the series, “Paths…States of mind, and the Soul’s Seasons, “ which to express the inspiration and experience of the human being’s in the journey day by day, walking through life, sometimes by a long way to go… sometimes for a brief moment only.

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